Photoshop Filters

Photoshop is one of the many boons technology and the digital age have given us. It has taken photography to a whole other level with its various tools, whether you’re an avid photographer or just a hobbyist. It has the ability to turn a mundane photo into something incredible, if used correctly. However, not everyone uses Photoshop so in-depth. Some people just need quick fixes for their photos, or want to just play around with fun effects.

For those people, Photoshop has filters. These are presets and effects that can used to completely change the look of a photo at times. From genuinely useful ones to fun and casual ones, Photoshop has some great filters on offer.


This awesome filter lets you take a photograph with the blandest colors possible and turn it into one with the most vivid colors out there. It helps you create images that look like they have been processed through a heat detecting camera so it can be a great filter to experiment on photos with.

vivid colors

Solarize makes images look vivid, with bold colors

Oil Paint:

This is a great filter if you are an art lover. By choosing this filter, you can transform any plain old photograph into one that looks like an impressionistic oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh or Edgar Degas. It renders evident brush strokes on the image, gathering like colors into one blob of paint. You also have various options to alter the image to your liking.


There are times when we have a perfectly composed image, but it is slightly blurred so we decide that it isn’t good enough to be used. With the Sharpening filter in Photoshop, it is possible to alter it to achieve a better image. You also have the option to sharpen more, sharpen edges, or even smart sharpen which helps you sharpen selective areas of the photo.


This filter is for those who want to achieve the opposite of the Sharpening filter. It lets you blur an image to the point where you have a much softer image to look at. It also includes other great options like Gaussian Blur, Tilt shift Blur, Smart Blur and many more that you can experiment with to get the kind of blur you want.


If you want your photos to look pixelated, this is a great filter for that. It gives you a number of options for the kind of pixilation you want on your image. Fragment gives your photograph the look of an intentionally blurry, glitchy image. Crystallize makes your image look like it is constructed of small crystals joined together. Mosaic makes it look like little colored boxes of ceramic tiles have been used to put your image together. There are many other options to choose from as well, each equally unique and fun to play with.

digital kind of look

Crystallize gives a very ‘digital’ kind of look to your images

Lighting Effects:

This filter, although a little technical, can be used to achieve great results. If you want to make a certain object in your image look like it is receiving light from a certain angle, and consequently darken other parts, this is the filter you are looking for. All you have to do is select Render in the Filter menu, then select Lighting options.

enhance focus

Lighting up certain parts of an image can enhance focus

Lens Flare:

Lens Flare is a great effect that you can use to make it look like the sunlight, or any light, is hitting the camera sensor at a certain angle when in reality it isn’t. This effect can really add a unique look to your images. Many people use it for architectural and landscape shots, because that one flare from the sunrays can make or break a photo.

dramatic effect

Adding lens flare can have a dramatic effect