Photoshop Presets

Taking a good picture is one thing but catching the right kind of light, contrast, the correct amount of sharpness or the intensity of particular hues can be very tricky. Getting all of that right in one go is often impossible. Creating that kind of atmosphere in a studio requires a lot of expensive equipment and when you need all these requirements in a natural environment then you are probably done for.

However, despite these issues we can be thankful for being born in the digital age. All of this can be achieved on an ordinary computer, using photo-editing software like Photoshop or Luminar. While photo editing can make all of these frustrations go away, it takes time to master a good photo editing software. Even something with an intuitive and easy to use interface takes time to get to grips with, which is why Photoshop presets exist.

Use Photoshop Presets to Make Your Life Easier

Photoshop’s presets are an easy way to get started with photo editing. Anyone with elemental learning of Photoshop can easily download some free Photoshop presets and actions off the internet, apply them to a photograph and get the desired effect with the touch of a button.

The preset manager in Photoshop creates its own library that can be updated frequently and helps add filters or effects to a given photo to make it more appealing. Adobe has its very own website to help rookies understand presets in a few steps.

Use Luminar Presets with Photoshop

One great trick you can use to add even more presets to your arsenal is to use the Luminar plugin for Photoshop and start using Luminar’s own advanced presets within Photoshop. This will help you a great deal in creating breathtaking photos because Luminar’s plugins are designed to be used with ease, and both beginner and advanced photographers can benefit from their quality. Some very interesting and useful presets you can start experimenting with are:

Variations of Monochrome: This clever preset turns any photo into blacks, whites and grays. The tricky thing with black and white photographs, besides requiring a very strong composition, is that they look bland if the textures in different parts of the image aren’t enhanced. You can use this preset for enhancing clarity and sharpness in images.

monochrome plugin

Analog F.X: This preset helps add an overall retro-style theme to any photo by adding blue hues, a vignette effect, and reducing the overall colors. All this helps to focus the eye towards the center of the image, and makes it a bit flat. This is helpful when there’s too much going on in a photo or the light is too harsh and you need to turn things down a notch. The added preset can always be tweaked according to the need of the user.

analog plugin

Warm and Faded: If your photo needs that golden hour sun light with a bright yellow tinge then this is the preset you’re looking for. Sunlight can be very harsh most of the day and only gets better as the sun moves closer to the horizon. To add that yellow tone and make the photo appear happier, all you have to do is apply the preset and see the magic happen.

golden hour filter

Photoshop presets are a great way to turn boring photos into aesthetically pleasing ones in a matter of seconds. These one-click solutions are great for when you are stuck with bad lighting, or need a quick fix for your photo before posting it online. Adding the power of Luminar to that mix is a great idea though, and you should definitely give it a try if you want some really nice looking presets to use with Photoshop.